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Georgie Bell : 😢💔 "I never get my hopes up anymore. Nothing lifts my spirits"

Monday 14th October, 40 weeks, 291 days

"Missing Ruby and Beetle", is a Facebook group I was advised to set up at the very beginning when R&B were dognapped. Ruby and Beetle are valuable members of our family very much loved and desperately missed, life has been a roller coaster of emotions since 28th December 2018. Something I have learnt and I’m certain it’s a protection factor, I’m sure those of you who have experienced this horrific ordeal will sympathise, I never get my hopes up anymore. Nothing lifts my spirits.

We chose as a family not to go on a holiday this year. I for one couldn’t see beyond the Facebook page - my life, as many of you will remember was thrown into this campaign, my daily blog, of which I opened my heart and soul, everything I discovered I shared with you all. The truth is that put a lot of strain on my family in the process, the day Ruby and Beetle disappeared, I very much disappeared from my children’s lives.

Frances my youngest, asked me yesterday if I was busy, she needed some help, she quickly followed it up with, “But.. It’s ok if your doing something trying to find for Ruby and a Beetle” 😫 at that point I wasn’t and went to help her.

The girls and I are heading South this week to Buckhamingshire, leaving the boys at home. It’s half term and they are competing in schools championships, I spoke to Ed about this last night, I’m not going to the moon, I’m not disappearing into thin air, but my time is going to be given to my long suffering, but very patient children. 😊

Keep sharing, thinking of new ideas, posting to local places of interest, community groups, keep Ruby and Beetle’s story moving... we need to find them. I do think they’ll have been have been separated, to separate them immediately makes them less obvious..

I’m looking for a pair of Border Terriers, I’ll never stop, but I’m also looking for just Ruby and/or Beetle... 🍀

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